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Accurate and complete requirements are the most important elements to get right within a project’s lifecycle. They ensure products meet customer and business expectations while enabling development teams to work smarter, not harder.

Recognize Your Software Requirements Challenges

Getting requirements right is the most critical aspect of the software development cycle. Studies point to a failure rate of more than 60% for IT projects, with poor requirements as one of the top five reasons. These problems mean costly rework, compromised product quality, delayed delivery on current projects and start of new ones, lost credibility and lowered revenue opportunities.

Small missteps in the requirements phase can be major flaws by deployment time. progress. The cost of these problems quickly adds up; up to 110% more expensive to fix requirements when the product is in the hands of the customer. Spending time on requirements is not just good technical practice, it makes sound business sense, as well.

A disciplined software requirements process can help to assure the success of your software projects. Development organizations should look at requirements as an opportunity to work smarter instead of harder, creating better products and more satisfied customers.

Typical requirements challenges include:

  • Inadequate or incomplete requirements that don’t clearly meet the needs of the users
  • Vague and ambiguous requirements that cause project rework & scope creep
  • Underestimating the value of requirements; not providing enough time to do the work
  • Requirements that don’t consider or prioritize business needs and resource constraints
  • Struggling with what are requirements and who does them
  • Banking on requirements tools that don’t help or trying to determine what requirements activities should be automated

If you are experiencing challenges with your approach to Software Requirements but are not sure tech root cause of your challenges, consider having SPC come on-site and do an assessment of your process. Read more about our services for diagnosis, assessments to identity root causes.

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Develop a Common Shared Understanding of your project's Requirements with your Customer, Stakeholders and Managers. Our Requirements seminars and workshops will give you the knowledge to develop effective requirements practices. Read more about:

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Our goal is to ensure our clients have the right process, technology and skills to deliver lasting change to their development organization. Contact an SPC representative to get SPC working for you. They understand our services from your perspective. You will get an honest picture without the hype. There’s no risk, no obligation, and plenty of ways to see if SPC is right for you.

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