At SPC, we make software organizations more productive by improving, effectiveness, efficiency and Business Results. We are experts in making the software process work better and have a proven approach to improvement that’s practical and generates longstanding results.
SPC has a proven track record of providing its clients with valuable business results; Delivering Product On-Time and On-Budget, Improving Practices to Deliver Better Quality IT Projects, and Delivering Product On-Time with Less Resources. We deliver targeted improvements through Consulting Services, Training, and Advisory Services. We customize the mix of these services for the particular needs of our clients ensuring the practical path forward and right fit with objectives and desired business outcomes. | Services

Everyday, SPC works with software leaders to realize the full business potential of their development teams and practices. At SPC, we make your software organization more productive by improving:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency and
  • Business Results

Focusing on business results and outcomes makes us different. We are experts in making the software process work better and we have a proven approach to improvement that is practical and generates longstanding results. This enables us to deliver real business value. We do this through our core service offering::

We are able to customize the mix of these services for the particular needs of our clients ensuring the practical path forward and right fit.

Consulting services- diagnosis, assessments to identify root causes

You need honest, impartial advice and answers to your thorniest problems. When to change? What to fix? How much to tackle? What you require is a trusted advisor you can turn to when questions outnumber answers.

When you start to have questions about how productive, effective or efficient your software organization it is time to have an external diagnosis. What you require is a trusted advisor you can turn to when questions outnumber answers.

Disappointing project outcomes, product delays, impacted business results, or escalating costs are often the catalyst behind the decision to undertake an assessment or audit. An assessment is a positive reaction to the event, an unwillingness to accept a repeat situation in the future.

SPC has performed hundreds of assessments. A sample of issues diagnosed include;
  • Disconnects between development priorities and business goals
  • Unpredictable development and delivery time
  • Poor product performance and quality
  • Unrealistic schedules and estimates
  • Gap Analysis with accepted best practice.

We are experts in making the software process work better. We can identify the sources of problems that impact your productivity and effectiveness. SPC can propose concrete corrective action that is both easy to digest and adopt plus is practical and generates longstanding results. Contact SPC to make your Software Organization More Productive.

on-site seminars + Workshops - Improving capabilities of your people

SPC offers on-site seminars and workshops specifically developed to meet the unique and rapidly changing requirements of the IT and software industry. Targeted at improving software development techniques and practices, and leadership & team skills.
Delivered by accomplished experts in the industry, our hands-on approach enables participants to take advantage of peer learning opportunities in addition to instructor-led discussion. Course content focuses on real-world problems and solutions so that our participants can put their new found knowledge to use right away. Our skill development seminars improve your skills by giving you the tools and techniques to enable clearer thinking about problems in general;

Improving the outcomes when collaborating with other teams to deliver your project

Developing a common shared understanding of requirements with clients, stakeholders & managers

We favour a 'Learn Once' Model where the course is integrated with actual project work. Meaning your people immediately apply new skills to work at hand, and they don't learn by trial-and-error afterwards. We usually begin with a short ‘Discovery Session’ (up to 1 day onsite) to review your objectives for the training, to identify subject areas that need to be covered, and suitable examples from your business that can be customized as course exercises.

Next we construct the materials and exercises for your tailored training program drawing on SPC’s broad range of pre-existing training materials and consulting experience. Depending on the decisions made during the ‘Discovery Session’, this is typically 1-2 days of effort on our part.   This approach is significantly cheaper than developing customized training from scratch.

Overall SPC’s on-site Seminars & Workshops is an ideal solution for organizations wanting direct access to our experts, more customized course content and a tailored delivery approach. An on-site course is significantly more affordable than attending a public open-enrolment workshops. Contact us for more information.

Learn from the experts! Contact SPC about our skills development training.

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