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On-site Workshop. Format: 2-day Workshop or 3-Day Extended Workshop

Develop a Common Shared Understanding of your project's requirements with Clients, Stakeholders & Managers.

In Search of Excellent Requirements

In Search of Excellent Requirements, based on Karl Wiegers’ book, Software Requirements, describes dozens of tested methods that can help any organization improve the way it elicits, analyzes, documents, verifies, and manages software requirements. Characteristics of excellent requirements statements and requirements specifications are presented and used to evaluate some sample functional requirements.

The two-day workshop, combines instructor-led discussion with practice sessions and multiple group exercises, emphasizes several sensible practical techniques that can be immediately applied on any project to improve requirements development and management in your organization:

  • Creating an effective customer-development partnership
  • Customer involvement through a "product champion" model
  • Application of use cases for defining user needs and system functions
  • A simple model for prioritizing requirements
  • Writing software requirements specifications using a standard template
  • Constructing dialog maps to model user interfaces, as well as other analysis models
  • Use of prototypes to clarify and refine user needs
  • Use of technical reviews and inspections to find errors in requirements
  • Use of a requirements traceability matrix to connect requirements to design elements, code, and tests

Available for on-site delivery in either a 2-day workshop format or a 3-day workshop that extends the 2-day workshop by including an extended exercise that allows participant to experience firsthand the development and evolution of requirements for a sample project.

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