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| Discover Your Best Thinking with Precision Q+A
On-site Workshop. Format: 1-day Workshop

Cutting-edge knowledge work asks for innovation amidst growing complexity, performance pressure, and distraction. In this demanding context, savvy questions are our most effective tool for improving focus, engagement, and execution.

Discover Your best thinking with precision Q+A

Tested over two decades in some of the world’s most respected businesses and universities, Discover Your Best Thinking with Precision Q+A™ teaches you how to bring the best of your analytic and social-emotional intelligence to the business problems your organization is tackling. During this one-day workshop, you will:

  • Learn Precision Q+A™, the most comprehensive analytic questioning framework available.
  • Master seven categories of questions and apply them to deepen your thinking about your team’s most critical initiatives.
  • Dramatically expand the repertoire of questions you use to examine issues, manage projects, and unlock your finest work.
  • Practice giving crisp, clear, concise answers that build credibility and teamwork.
  • Rigorously test your thinking as you solve a work challenge or prepare for a project review with your team, or your manager or executive.

Available for on-site delivery in a 1-day workshop format.

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