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On-site Workshop. Format: 1-day Workshop or 2-day Extended Workshop

If you have ever delivered a project or initiative late, incomplete, or not quite up to the customer’s expectations because another team or individual didn't complete their “piece of the puzzle” on time, you need the Cross Group Collaboration workshop.


Cross Group Collaboration

Cross Group Collaboration was developed for teams whose success depends on the results of collaborative efforts with other teams or disciplines within an organization and/or with outside vendors. It recognizes that collaboration can be complex and requires coordination of work with multiple partners, often located across multiple time zones. It reduces the risk associated with working with multiple teams, often in remote locations. This is a practical workshop, based on first-hand experience, which provides easy to use tools that enable a consistent approach to collaboration among all partners:

  • Learn to identify and analyze the root cause of collaboration challenges faced when working across groups.
  • Participate in an engaging simulation, that will generate an awareness of cross group work dynamics along with each individual’s role in the success or failure of the collaborative effort.
  • Learn about 6-tools to improve planning of collaboration activities.
  • Discover 4-tools to use while a collaborative effort with another team is underway and in the wrap-up phases as work with another team closes..
  • Develop an Action Plan to use the tools and techniques discussed to alleviate your collaboration challenges.

Available for on-site delivery in either a 1-day workshop format, or a 2-day workshop that extends the 1-day workshop by including additional focus on the role of collaboration and influence and a further second simulation where participants have the opportunity to utilize the tools and techniques presented in the workshop.

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