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Develop a Common Shared Understanding of your project's requirements with Clients, Stakeholders & Managers. If your project is using an Agile Method or Scrum, consider:

If your challenges are managing an Agile project, consider:

Requirements for agile teams: Who. What, When, How?

Getting a shared vision of the product to be developed right remains a significant impediment, and involving the right people outside of development remains a key driver for product acceptance. It’s the same problem as ever but needs doing in a different, agile way. This 2-day workshop combines instructor-led discussion with practice sessions and multiple group exercises, and emphasizes several sensible practical techniques that can be immediately applied on any project to improve requirements development and management in your organization:

  • The big picture on agile requirements – dealing with common misconceptions.
  • Requirements roles in Scrum - The Product Owner – Who will do it? How will it work?
  • Capturing & organizing requirements – the product backlog - How to do it right.
  • How requirements are developed for an agile/Scrum project with many short sprints.
  • How to identify requirements for the Product Backlog – user stories, story mapping, use case analysis, feature decomposition etc.
  • Overcoming the misconception “you don’t know what will be in the final product” – by using release plans, epics and marquee features effectively.
  • Planning & Working “Just in-time” – always having just-enough requirements done so unnecessary work is minimized – but how do you do it?
  • Planning requirements for testing – they still have to be testable on agile projects.
  • Balancing focus on immediate needs with “big picture” concerns - fitting in Architecture and non-functional requirements.

Available for on-site delivery in a 2-day workshop format.

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3 dots empty Successfully Managing agile Projects

Successfully Managing Agile Projects is designed to provide managers, leaders and developers with invaluable insights into the world of agile project management. Through a combination of presentations, group and class discussions, and hands-on exercises, this two-day course will explore the guiding concepts and principles, tools and techniques specific to agile project management that will help ensure sustainable project and team success.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize differences and similarities between agile and traditional software projects
  • Know when to apply agile project management over traditional approaches
  • Know how to initiate agile projects with a well-articulated business or product vision
  • Comprehend the concept and value of controlling the agility
  • Understand the purpose and approaches for iteration and milestone reviews
  • Recognize the human implications of agile software Development

Available for on-site delivery in a 2-day workshop format.

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